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“Complexity” is the ubiquitous word today in any business and ironically, but truly, the basic reason for existence of many businesses is to simplify them and helping to run other’s businesses as smoothly as possible.  Complexities can range from choosing the right mobile to buy from the plethora of options available to best suit our needs and budget, to choosing the perfect  IT service provider, to digitize the business processes, from the whole lot of services and providers to opt for.

Unambiguously,  Steel business is not privy to it and is no child play either.  Though “Steel” in a common man’s parlance is quite a familiar word, many would stumble and look up in surprise if you say “Iron & Steel” are different from each other.

Steel –  A highly technical and complex product to deal with, especially if one does not know what does it comprise of,  which kind of steel to be used for which application and how does different grades perform in different conditions.

Its not an exaggeration if one mentions steel as an ocean. It really is. Given the countless grades, forms, applications, processes, properties, it has.  Combined to this, one has to have fair amount of “Metallurgical Knowledge” to deal with steel, to be able to understand as what they do !!

Even for a seasoned steel professional, a new grade of steel can be difficult to handle, if they do not understand the properties and nature of the steel and where to source from and whom to choose as among the whole lot !

It was on this mission to Simplify Steel Business, “knowyoursteel.com” was established.

Steel Industry news, hot topics,  new industry trends, simple understanding of different steel grades, their applications. Producers of different steel products, choosing the right product for the right application and some suggestions to buy and sell steel and promote steel products through digital media.

Some discussions would also be on “suggestions to be a successful seller and buyer of steel”

The site is aimed at  guiding the Steel industry to break shackles from being orthodox, to align with the burgeoning service sector and to grow using the digital marketing.

The content in this site are entirely based on how I see the Industry and are purely my personal opinions and I request my fellow steel business professionals and others to feel free to voice their views/suggestions/comments about my posts.

Dealing with steel, in a smarter way !

Happy Steeling!



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